Six Simple Steps to Get Beautifully Glowing Fair Skin

If you are looking for a new level of washing your face, then you should be aware of the new product called Clarisonic Face Brush. This is designed to provide a thorough yet gentle cleaning to the face. The bristles of the product are gentle on the skin even moving at a rate of 300 times a second. The skin is exfoliated gently so the dermis is not damaged. This provides more efficiency than washing your face traditionally.

After some time of using the product, you will start noticing your pores become smaller, lines and wrinkles are reduced and the complexion improves. You have great choice of brushes where you can mix and match. This is not only great for the face but for the whole body as well. This could smooth out any rough patches in your body including those found in the feet and elbows. The following are simple steps for gorgeous skin:

First Step would be to remove all your makeup using cleaning agents or wipes. Always make sure that you were able to clean your face completely to assist in the deep cleaning of Clarisonic. This would make the product more effective. The second step would be to wash your face with old water thrice. After doing so, apply your forehead, cheeks and nose with enough amount of cleanser.

The third step to do is use your Clarisonic Face Brush. Turn it on and then apply it gently on your face using circular motions. Since the brush is excellent in cleaning, there is no need to apply much pressure. One of the main tips or tricks that you can do in cleaning the face is just to do rub the product on the face using lighter touch. The timer on the device would allow you to know if it is the right time to move to another part of the face. For each section of the face, it is advisable that you do it for 3 minutes. The fourth step is to rinse your face using water for maximum of 5 times so that every dirt and debris will be removed.

The fifth step is to pat dry the skin using clean towel. The cleaning should be done two times daily. Clean your Clarisonic bush thoroughly so there will be no dirt left on the brush. The sixth and last step to do is to use facial toner. This should be applied using a cotton pad. Also put moisturizer onto your face. Massage it gently using circular motions too.

Clarisonic Face Brush would work effectively when the brush heads are regularly changed. It is advisable that the frequency of replacement is 3 months. You also have the option to use brush head designed for sensitive skin.

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