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Clarisonic International is the World’s principal producer of sonic facial brushes and has a great reputation in utilizing the sonic technology. Clarisonic builds a high quality brush which is sold for a considerable price.

Clarisonic Infusion Cleansing System is a deep, gentle exfoliation that effectively removes blackheads, whiteheads and other skin problems. Fine lines and wrinkles as well are reduced. With habitual use on this skin therapy, your skin will become more radiant, smoother and clearer.


Here are some Clarisonic product models:

Clarisonic Opal

  • Increases the moisture content about the eyes.
  • Firms, smoothes and stays it firm.
  • Protects the eye region with wealthy anti-oxidants.
  • Gentle enough for use daily.
  • After 8 days, wrinkles and swelling are noticeably reduced and eyes appear better.


Clarisonic Plus

  • Delivers deep, effective skin cleansing and exfoliation.
  • Diminishes skin pores in size and number.
  • The T-Timer’s timely prompts greatly increase the usage efficiency of the device.
  • Charge Indicator makes sure, you don’t have to cut short the therapy due to battery exhausts.
  • Three speeds for smooth operation on every type of skin.
  • Spot Therapy Mode takes care of sensitive skin spots, which need special attention.
  • Safe, chemicals-free and eco-friendly, the Sonic Therapy has minimal side-effects.


Clarisonic Classic 

  • Sonic technology cleanses and softens the skin in just one minute.
  • Removes make-up 6 times more effectively than manual washing.
  • Moisturizing compounds are 61% more effective on your thoroughly cleaned skin.
  • The Built-in timer prompts you to move the device over each body part for an appropriate time.
  • The waterproof device can be used in bathroom, while in shower or at sink.
  • Gentle operating speed makes it safe for twice daily use.
  • Great ergonomics and space saving design make it easy to hold, operate, and turn ON / OFF.
  • Avaliable in white, pink and graphite gray.


Clarisonic Mia

  • The bi-directional, vibratory movement accompanied by sonic movements is what sets the Mia apart from its competitors. The Clarisonic owes its sheer, un-abrasive cleansing power to this revolutionary technique.
  • The one-speed, one-button, smallest in size Mia is the most compact Clarisonic ever!
  • The accompanying universal pLink charger is handy and versatile as it lets you power up your cleansing tool conveniently at home or on- the-move.
  • The Clarisonic has a nice, retentive battery, capable of holding the charge for three weeks!
  • Mia’s brush head replacements are conveniently available at shops and online stores throughout the USA, Canada and overseas as well.
  • Clarisonic brush heads are made of fine, non-porous material. Also, the heads attach to the main unit by elastomeric coupling. Both these traits make them invulnerable to harmful bacteria action.
  • Comes in white, yellow, pink, ice blue, lavender, garnet, blue, green, turquoise and tangerine!


Clarisonic Pro

  • Considered to be the aesthetician’s Clarisonic model
  • Most versatile Clarisonic with four adjustable speed settings namely: low, normal, high and pro speeds
  • Can be employed on any skin type
  • Uses the Body Mode Technology which is excellent in arms, hands, elbows, knees and feet exfoliation
  • Available in white, pink and graphite grey colors (preferable for men)


These Clarisonic product models are just some of what Clarisonic International can offer. But these are the best among the rest. Clarisonic still continues in developing and building more quality and more effectvie products.

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